Why choose for Mabo E&A?

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Why choose for Mabo E&A?

In every step of the process, our expertise counts…

Warehouse audit

Why choose for Mabo E&A?

Our logistics experts get the most out of your warehouse! By using technologies such as ABC logistics, Closed loop Algorithms and Space Utilization Optimization, your warehouse can be transformed in an extremely efficient platform with minimal driving times, energy consumption and space waste.

A customized study

Mabo E&A really takes the time to study your warehouse. Where necessary, we make full 3D drawings to give you a better idea of the proposed layout. We take your resources into account and try to use them as optimal as possible in each study. This way, the adjustments can be gradually integraded.

Why choose for Mabo E&A?

Machine construction from A to Z

Mabo E & A has its own mechanical department. Our expert team of mechanical engineers build projects from start to finish. As a result, we are not dependent on suppliers. Years of experience in logistics engineering help us develop the most efficient concepts.

Why choose for Mabo E&A?
Why choose for Mabo E&A?

A machine construction contains the following phases:

  • concept determination and definition of the specifications
  • a simulation of the vehicle and the environment
    • this way, concepts and specifications can already be verified and modified to make the best proposal
  • strength calculations and mechanical optimization
  • if necessary, prototypes can be made
    • Mabo Engineering&Automation has a 3D printer for rapid prototyping.
    • Our workshop is equipped to develop prototypes.
  • production of the final finalized concept

Customized electronics and software

Mabo Engineering & Automation has its own electronics laboratory with BGA soldering robot and test equipment.
Our electronic engineers specialize in safe machine controls. In addition to our standard products like MABOCore, AGVCore and LightCore, our engineers can customize, simulate, produce, and test controllers and electronics for each machine.

Mabo Engineering&Automation programs customized logistic software for the customer. This can range from logistic planning software to interfaces to optimize production machines.

PLC programming of logistic systems such as conveyor or chain lane systems, as well as interfacing between the computer and a production or logistic unit, can be provided by Mabo Engineering&Automation.

The embedded software department is responsible for the programming of machine controllers for logistic vehicles and production machines.

The great strength of Mabo Engineering&Automation is our experience with communication between PCs and machines.

All our electronics, software, AGVs and components are tested extensively in advance to communicate and interact with other machines.

What makes our aftersales really unique?

Also after the purchase, Mabo E&A will not let you down. To ensure the longest lifespan of our AGVs, we attach great importance to aftersales. Proper maintenance of the AGVs ensures smooth operation.

For this we have a fully equipped service fleet departing from our spare parts warehouse at Lier. Our specialized technicians are all experts in their field of expertise and receive regularly additional training.

Why choose for Mabo E&A?