What makes our aftersales really unique?

Onces you have chosen the right solution for your logistics, it’s also important to maintain it in the right way. Here too, Mabo E&A won’t let you down.

National service

Mabo E&A greatly values service. Our machines still need to work perfectly several years after the purchase in order to get the most out of your investment. With this in mind, Mabo E&A has built a complete service network to help every client with problems.

In order to provide our clients with a flexible and professional service, we work with:

  • A complete service fleet
    Mabo has 15 completely equipped service verhicle to be able to do repairs and maintenance on site.
  • Several service centers
    We have 4 service centers: Lier, Zulte, Izegem and Luxemburg!
  • Specialized technicians
    Our technicians are experts in their field and regularly receive further training.


Fully equipped parts warehouse

It is our policy to have all current items in stock so that you can be helped immediately when there is a problem. We have 2 warehouses where our mobile technicians can complement their parts before they drive to the customer.

Maintenance extends the lifespan of your machine

When you perform maintenance on your machine at regular intervals, you are actively working to extend its lifespan. So doing maintenance is not just a smart move, it’s also cost-effective!

  • Less wear
    Regularly replacing oils and fats is crucial. Moving parts wear 6 times faster if this does not happen.
  • Safer
    Our engineers analyze the machine for any hidden defects during maintenance. This will alert you in advance, avoiding accidents at work.
  • Enhanced driving experience
    A well-maintained AGV operates smoother, consumes less and is more comfortable to work with.

From our experience we have learned that the many consumables on an AGV have an average life span. If used after wear, these parts will adversely affect the operation of the AGV.
To avoid this, we set up a maintenance schedule for each type of machine. This diagram shows the various maintenance types (A-B-C-D) and the parts that should be replaced with the type of maintenance.